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Design R & D - Antenna
John D Kraus - Helix Idea, Application for wide band
King & Wong - Helix Characteristics, Empirical Design of Helix
Simple Helix design, 400 MHz Helix, NASA Jove RT

Receiver - Frequencies, Set Top Box, ...
Satellite transponder frequencies
Frequency Allocation by Indian Govt (Legal constraints)
Frequencies (of design) of interest - List of Spectral Lines

Tutorials - Radio Astronomy, Antennae, etc
RA Basics - NASA, Dale Gary's Course, NRAO Course
Antenna basics - Antenna Theory, Ian Purdie's Tutorials - Antenna basics & Radio Telescope 

Other Amateur Radio Astronomers
Society for Amateur Radio Astronomers, David Morgan, Project BAMBI
, Amateur Radio Station

Our Work

Parameter-space (Why we cant have a small beam)
Calculating the Specs (designing the Helix)

Proof of Concept: Solar Flares - Strong, Medium sized, Cassiopeia A & Tycho, Cygnus A, Tata Sky Timing Beacon
Raw Data (Radio SkyPipe files, Needs directory access)
Helix - 1.42 GHz, 2.7 GHz, 1.33 GHz
Horn - 1.4 GHz Horn
Dish & Feed - 11.7 GHz Dish, 11.7 GHz Feed

Dipole - 115 MHz Mini-Jove

DSP & Calculations (Work in Progress)
Fourier Transforms, Deconvolution (MathCAD workouts) - Weiner Method, Hogbom Clean
Data stored in .wav can also be processed in MathCAD

Software & Tools
Radio SkyPipe (chart plotter), Radio Eyes (find radio objects in sky), Winscope (check audio left-right correlation and raw spectrum)

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