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Timeline for Milestones
Aug - decided to build Radio Telescope
Sep - FM radio with non-directional loop didn't work
Oct - built Helix 1.4 GHz - Tata Sky STB - PC with RSP-I
Nov - tested with many objects >~40 Jy; got SNR > 1.5
Jan - built 2.7 GHz; could see objects ~ 20 Jy with SNR ~3
Feb - NSD at GMRT; realized that huge table-tops for bright objects are not good
Mar - figured that table-tops are due to Auto Gain Control of STB
Apr - physics practical projects of Std XI churn out 1.4 GHz Horn and dipole with parabolic reflector
May - Pooja and team tested helix (1.33 GHz) at GMRT; confirmed with design calculations; discovered harmonics
Sep - worked on calibration
Apr - tried to make 4 GHz helix with fine (<5deg) beam - failed (beyond STB band)
Oct - assembled Ku band system with just a feed as antenna
Feb - Found beam profile for Ku-LNA using 60W CFL at 20 ft; the same didn't work for Helix (probably due to low LCP component). Made Can-Antenna (simplest system yet)
Feb - NSD was a disaster for the helix (probably rusty connections; also new HD STB's are too smart)
Mar - Henna planned to make wire dipole (mini Jove-style)
Apr - Found that motorized mounts are too costly; hence plan shelved
Sep - Rewired the Helix as rains had stained the copper and moisture had seeped into the co-axial cable. Obtained normalized beam profile of Helix using spiral CFL.
Oct - Calibrated Helix + STB with spiral CFL. Presented the system at the Pro-Am III conference in Mumbai on 26th. Learned a lot from B C Joshi and Avinash Deshpande
Nov - Attempted to create better noise sources, but failed for want of components
Apr - Made a dummy load of 75 Ohms with 2W resistors to determine system temperature
Jun - Trip to Lamington - Got CRO, Power supplies, connectors and a nice Satellite finder with a spectrum display. Changed the wire on the Helix to get better results.
Sep - Figured out that STB's get used up and then give lot of noise and distortion. Switched to new STB
Oct - Experimentally observed that CFL's emit not due to the electrons spiraling in the tube, but the circuit inside. All antennae (Helix, LNB, Cantenna) work smoothly with the CFL/radio towers as source and Sat-Finder/STB as Rx
This Month
  1. Get beam profile of all antenna using CFL
  2. Figure out calibration using noise source / dummy load
  3. Figure out how to improve helix (GP design & pointing) with help from Arvind Paranjpye's (Nehru Planetarium)
  4. Draft experiments for MSc students
Next Month
  1. Improve robustness of systems to make them student-worthy
  2. Create lab manual for radio physics / astronomy expt. at Mumbai University

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