Portable Amateur Radio Telescope

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Radio Astronomy Lab

Project Abstract

As a part of bringing Astronomy & Astrophysics to school students, we have created a Radio Telescope which is portable and cheap (<Rs.10K) to build. We have played around with different antennae - Helix, Dish, Horn, Dipoles - with a set-top box backend and a PC with graphing software to catch radio waves from Galaxies, Black-holes, Quasars, Nebulae, Sun and even Pulsars.

A presentation made for the 3rd Pro-Am conference in Mumbai, Oct-2013.

A radio astronomy lab for university courses

What's  New

Key Milestones

  • Oct 2010 - Built and tested Helix 1.4 GHz with STB and Radio-SkyPipe I
  • Feb 2011 - Demonstrated Helix+STB RT at GMRT NSD
  • more ...

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